DIY Speech is a blog where you can find free crafts and other resources to use in your speech and language therapy room, for teachers to find speech and language crafts to use in their classrooms, and for parents to find crafty ideas to assist them as they work on their children's speech and language at home.

DIY Speech is a collaborative blog bringing you crafty ideas and free resources from a wide variety of experienced and new speech-language pathologist bloggers alike.

Please feel free to use the ideas and materials posted on this website for personal or professional use. If you link to them on your website, Pinterest, Facebook, or other social media account, please credit the appropriate author on DIY Speech as the creator. Please do not steal any ideas and credit them as your own- when in doubt, credit the author. Also, any printable creations are not intended for mass market use or for re-sell. 

Information and materials published on this website are not meant to replace speech and language therapy. They are meant to share professional information in the area of speech-language pathology with parents, teachers, and professionals. 

******Disclosure Statement*****

The following disclosure is valid as of November 29, 2013.

As the owners and writers of this blog, we are not compenstated to provide an opinion on products, services, websites, stores, and other various topics. Posts are written for personal purposes; therefore, they may be influenced by individual background, religion, political affiliation, and experience. Please feel free to use the ideas and materials on this site in your therapy sessions or at home at your own risk, for which DIY Speech and its authors shall not be liable. It is your own responsibility to decide whether the materials, products, services, or information provided by this website meet your specific requirements and therapy needs. The materials and content on this website, unless otherwise specified, are the intellectual property of each DIY Speech collaborator. 

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