Monday, December 16, 2013

Mini Story Rope

It's Miss Thrifty again! I'm back with one of my favorite craft projects. I truly enjoy working with students on answering & asking wh- questions. It makes me happy to watch them learn the meaning behind the words and start using them spontaneously. I have written about my story rope craft in the past. It is something that I use on a daily basis in nearly all of my therapy sessions.

Wh Word Chant (The colors are meant to tie into to Colorful Semantics)
•Who is for people like you and me (kid picture/orange)
•Where is for places like a school or a hospital (house picture/blue)
•What is for things like a ball or a toy (broken rope picture/brown)
•When is for time just look at a clock (red, yellow, green like a stoplight)
•How is for an answer just like an equals mark (purple ribbon)
•Why is for a reason, we use the word because (pink question mark)

You can make a story rope with some construction paper, Sharpies, and yarn (or pipe cleaners). I drew my pictures by hand except for the cabbage patch kids picture. It took about 20 minutes to make the rope and a day to wait on laminating. They didn't scan too well since they are on construction paper so I can't post them here for you. However, I made a smaller version of this material to go on student desks that you can grab here. I give these out to the teachers to keep on my student's desk. One teacher decided to make a set for her entire class.

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