Friday, January 17, 2014

Emotion Cards

Hello everyone! It's Miss Thrifty SLP with a simple DIY project to work on following directions as well as social skills.  

Step One: Grab some magazines, newspapers, or catalogs with lots of people pictures. Cut out the ones that speak to you. I love using Super Duper catalogs for many of my crafting projects as their models show a variety of expressions.
Step Two: Make sure the pictures are cut to size. I like to leave just a slight edge around mine.
Step Three: Tape the pictures to strips of construction paper. I always cut out one long rectangle strip to use as my sizing guide to keep them fairly consistent. It's handy to keep a large stack of these blank strips ready for spur of the moment projects.
Step Four: Laminate.
It took me roughly 40 minutes to do this project. It may take a little bit less or more time depending on how picky you are with crafting. The total cost was $0.

Students can point to or label the emotions that they see on each strip. 

P.S. You can make a similar project with stickers for following directions. 

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