Sunday, December 8, 2013

Seasonal Emotion Sticks

Hey everyone, it's Miss Thrifty SLP again. I am back with another social skills crafty that coordinates with one of my latest freebies (feelings all over my face) and my previous social skills craft. This is an idea I came up with after seeing an idea on pinterest using a diaper wipe box. I don't know anyone with a bunch of diaper wipe boxes sitting around so I keep modifying the idea to the supplies I have at hand. The first led to the creation of an emotions poster and this time the end result is a collection of seasonal emotion sticks.

 Step 1: Find seasonal die cuts and pick out construction paper. We have several nice seasonal die-cut shapes in our workroom that I am always finding new ways to use. I used the pumpkin, star, Christmas tree, and apple shapes for this project.
Step 2: Add faces. I just took my trusty black Sharpie and drew faces on each shape. I tried to make mine match up to the Emotion Faces freebie from Teacher's Treasures. I use this worksheet with the majority of my social skills groups and wanted to have all of the emotions represented on my seasonal sticks.
Step 3: Back the construction paper before laminating. I use white poster board to give some extra support to most things that I laminate. You can skip this step if you'd like.
Step 4. Cut out the excess lamination and adhere to craft sticks. I used super glue at first, but it didn't work too well. I ended up taping the shapes to the sticks. (P.S. The EC teachers have tried hot glue for similar projects and had issues with it not wanting to maintain the hold too.)

Total Time: 30 minutes to make asides from the lamination aspect (which took 3 days for me using the school laminator).

How to use these in your speech room:

I will be using these to talk about how my students feel and practicing the different facial expressions in the mirror. If you decide to write emotion words on plain sticks, you can turn these sticks into a matching game for young readers. Older students can identify how a character is feeling by raising up the sticks as they notice a change in the way the character is behaving. 

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